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PropBond specializes in the financing of :

Residential Properties

New Home Loans – if you have good credit and a consistent work history, we can offer you up to 100% financing excluding transfer fees and bond costs.


If you are not getting the service you deserve,don’t move – just move your bond – it’s more cost effective, much quicker and we can challenge the bank to secure a lower interest rate and faster approvals.

Access Bonds

Refinance – Take out money and refinance your debts such as credit cards etc.  or make home improvements.

Loans for land

Do you want to buy a property, off plan or do you want to purchase a piece of land to build on?  We WILL get you a bond...

Building Loans

Do you want to build a new home or make home improvements?  If you have the plans, NHBRC Certificate from the builder, builder’s quotes and contract, we will get you the bond.

Development Bonds

Are you a Developer and need Finance or do you need a Mother Bond (finance to develop)?  We will arrange finance not only for the development but do all the ‘end user’ bonds too.

Commercial and Industrial Properties

We are one of the only mortgage originators who process commercial/industrial bonds.  Whether it be for a building, development, commercial land, or a business we will get you the finance.  Should you need additional capital for your business we can assist you in getting an access bond from the commercial bank. 

Bridging Finance

Should you wish to switch your bond or need an access bond and need the short term funds urgently, we can arrange bridging finance for you at transparent rate structures and speedy processes. 


It is in your best interest to ensure that your financial planning covers the repayments on your loan in the event of unforeseen circumstances like,death, disability or a critical life changing event. This can only be done by an authrorised financial services planner, who has the necessary expertise to asses your current situation and provide you with a personalised strategy that may even lead to the early redemption of your loan. Please contact our office to get a quote.

Real Estate

By buying or selling a home, you are investing in your future and you will have security and shelter for you and your family for many years to come. We also have commercial and industrial properties as well as land for development and off plan investments.

Interest Rates

PropBond is able to investigate the possibility of obtaining an improved interest rate on your Home Loan and to restructure your borrowings to ensure that you are not paying excessive interest rates for finance.  Should a lower interest rate be possible this will result in lower monthly repayments and reduce the total cost of the loan over time.

PropBond will show you how to pay off your home loan in a quick and timely manner.

Your bond application will be processed electronically direct to our banks.  We interface directly with all the major banks.

Please complete the online application form. One of our home loan consultants will contact you shortly.